About Us

Why We Use Jute ?

Jute, as a renewable natural fiber, is also bio- degradable and environmentally friendly, it is one of the few crops, which can be grown in the monsoon season, and can be rotated with rice to restore the soil fertility and structure. The leaves of jute plants enrich the fertility of the soil for sustained agriculture, and have good nutrition value as vegetables. Use of jute sticks as fuel and fencing material as substitute for wood prevents deforestation. Therefore, the increased global concern for the environment, the future prospects for jute remains high.

Our Company

Our Company Deshoz Is a Manufacturer & Trading Company Based In Bangladesh Are Exporting All Kinds Of Jute and Jute Products Like Jute Bags, Jute Crafts, Jute Gunny Bag, Jute Tote Bag And Various Kind of Jute Product.